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Photos update

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but here’s a new post. | More

Winter break!!!

It’s finally the beginning of another Winter Break!!! | More

Almost there!!

I’m almost at winter break, just one more final for Algebra II, and it’ll all be over. | More

Just 5 more finals!!!

I know I’ve posted like three posts on this, but I’m almost done!!! | More

Two weeks until winter break

Finally, the first semester is nearly over.  | More

All people are created equal!!!

Not many people seem to follow this simple and essential rule. | More

We need Net Neutrality

I already put a post on my other blog,, but this issue needs to get more attention than my one blog can give. | More

Yay, the first semester is almost over!

The first semester of my school year is almost over!  | More

Why I haven’t posted in a few day

I know I haven’t posted in a while, this post is about why I didn’t. | More

I’m not rude

This is one of those things that people associate with aspergers. | More

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